Including retirement dates, and the numbers and editions of replacements.

Retire on May 31, 2021

NumberReplaced byTitle
A133-2009A133-2019Owner/Construction Manager as Constructor Agreement - Cost of
Work Plus Fee with GMP
A133-2009 SPA133-2019 &
Owner/Construction Manager as Constructor Agreement - Cost of
Work Plus Fee with GMP; Sustainable Projects Exhibit
A134-2009A134-2019Owner/Construction Manager as Constructor Agreement - Cost of
Work Plus Fee No GMP
A134-2009 SPA134-2019 & E234-2019Owner/Construction Manager as Constructor Agreement - Cost of
Work Plus Fee No GMP; Sustainable Projects Exhibit
A201–2007 SPA201-2017 &
General Conditions of the Contract for Construction; Sustainable
Projects Exhibit
B133-2014B133-2019Owner/Architect Agreement, CMc Edition


Retire on August 31, 2021

NumberReplaced byTitle
A132-2009A132-2019Owner/Contractor Agreement, CMa Edition
A132-2009 SPE235-2019Owner/Contractor Agreement - Sustainable Project, CMa Edition
A232-2009A232-2019General Conditions of Contract for Construction, CMa Edition
A232-2009 SPE235-2019General Conditions of Contract for Construction - Sustainable Project,
CMa Edition
B132-2009B132-2019Owner/Architect Agreement, CMa Edition
B132-2009 SPE235-2019Owner/Architect Agreement - Sustainable Project, CMa Edition
C132-2009C132-2019Owner/Construction Manager as Adviser Agreement
C132-2009 SPE235-2019Owner/Construction Manager as Adviser Agreement - Sustainable
G701CMa-1992G731-2019Change Order, CMa Edition
G704CMa-1992G734-2019Certification of Substantial Completion
G714CMA-1992G733-2019Construction Change Directive, CMa Edition
G732-2009G732-2019Application and Certificate for Payment, CMa Edition


Retire on November 30, 2021

NumberReplaced byTitle
Architect's Services: Programming
B214-2012C204-2020Consultant's Services: Sustainable Project Services


Retire on April 30, 2022

NumberReplaced byTitle
Contractor's Qualification Statement
B106-2010B106-2020Owner/Architect Agreement for Pro Bono Services
B107-2010B107-2020Developer-Builder/Architect Agreement for Prototype(s) for a One or Two
Family Residential Project with Limited Architectural Services
B109-2010B109-2020Owner/Architect Agreement for a Multi-Family Residential or
Mixed Use Residential Project